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Travel Blogger Kathy Petrino Says, Visit Las Vegas

July 23, 2019
Kathy Petrino appreciates her role as a travel blogger, which is why she is sure to provide lots of insight on the places she visits. She truly wants them to have a great trip when they follow her to the best travel destinations. Kathy Petrino’s strong sense of adventure makes her want readers to see everything, including places like Las Vegas, Nevada. Not only is Las Vegas one of the most popular destinations in the world, it also ranks as one of Kathy Petrino’s favorites. It’s not just because “everything in Vegas stays in Vegas,” but because it is just fun.

Kathy Petrino wants readers to know here is something to see and do for everyone in the family, even if they don’t like to gamble. There are few places in the world more accommodating than Las Vegas and that is one reason it often ranks among the least expensive travel destinations anywhere. There is so much inexpensive and free entertainment available in Las Vegas, it makes the place very impressive. For instance, you can watch free circus acts at Circus Circus, or you can view the Eiffel Tower at one hotel, the canals of Venice at another, and the Manhattan skyline at year another. And if you think everything looks great from street level, you should see it all from the many helicopter and plane operations in the area. They make everything seem even more impressive.